Spring/Summer 2021 Update: Virtual and select in-person speaking engagements are available. Please contact us for more information. Thank you!

Mental health presentation to middle school students!
Mental health presentation to middle school students!

Evan placed 1st for 2020 international speech contest at Doylestown Toastmasters.
Evan placed 1st for 2020 international speech contest at Doylestown Toastmasters.

Presenting at a mental health conference.
Presenting at a mental health conference.

Mental health presentation to middle school students!
Mental health presentation to middle school students!


Speaking services for students, businesses, and conferences.

Mental Health Presentations For Your Students

While over 25% of students will deal with a mental health issue this year alone, 80% of those students will not get proper support for those issues.


Evan has a proven track record of helping students who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for support, all while helping to reduce the stigma often associated with these issues for the students who have not experienced such problems.

Conferences and Businesses

Is your conference or business in need of a mental health speaker? Someone who talks about functional healthcare? Both?


Evan offers presentations that are customizable for your audience. Whether you are looking for an inspirational story of healing, a presentation that is more focused around the educational side of things, or something in the middle, Evan has you covered.



Garnet Valley High school

“Evan gave a fantastic presentation. His honest story was impactful and real for our students. His passion for finding appropriate coping strategies/treatment were motivational, allowing our students to understand the importance of asking for help and not being afraid to share how you are feeling.” 


4th Annual Summit on Advancing Behavioral Health Collaboratives 

"Evan was an incredibly powerful speaker with a great message to send our youth as well as educators. He was well-prepared, professional and generous with his time, allowing members of the audience to chat with him after his presentation. We're really glad we hired him for our event."

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Mount Pleasent High School

"Evan was an excellent speaker! He was engaging, authentic, and really showed the students that he cared, taking the time to answer each question in detail."


Jenkintown High School

"As always, my students were captivated and 100% engaged in Evan's presentation. Many students voiced Evan 'was the best guest speaker I've ever heard'."


Upper Dublin High School

"Evan held the attention and respect of those students for 45 minutes each session. This is not an easy task! As a speaker, Evan appears confident and genuine. He is passionate without being melo-dramatic, gains the respect of the audience through his authenticity. The content of his story was relatable to our students at risk on several levels; secrecy, isolation, substance use, self-degradation. For the students to hear this message of hope and recovery in light of these experiences is compelling. The guidance center has heard from a significant number of students who could relate to Evan on some level, especially living with symptoms and not telling anyone. I wish I could reach out to all the area high schools to encourage them to book Evan. He is both talented and dedicated to helping teens who may struggle with mental health." 


Downingtown Middle School

"I did not get the opportunity to walk Evan out and thank him as following his presentation multiple students had already come to guidance to begin processing and following up from what he had shared. Evan was great! He presented the information in a manner that was appropriate and we had very positive feedback from both our students and teachers. His presentation encouraged students to seek help when/if needed and lead to meaningful conversations between our guidance department and a large handful students. Thank you Evan for taking the time to come and speak with us! I would definitely consider having him back :)"