"You were NOT designed to feel chronically unwell, whether mentally or physically."

Are you someone who feels as if your health complications just don't "add up?" Sure, there are going to be times in anyone's life where things aren't going perfect, but what about those of us who almost NEVER feel good?


Maybe you've tried different diets, experimented with certain lifestyle changes, or have incorporated practices from conventional medicine. If you've done one or all of these things but haven't had lasting success, don't worry. Evan was in the same exact boat.

After multiple years of going through the cycle of trial and error, he knew he had to get to the bottom of what was going on. Something inside Evan told him that there was no way he or anyone else was designed to feel the way he felt on a daily basis. Afterall, if we were, what would be the point? 

Through multiple thousands of hours of research, experimentation, and having obtained several certifications, Evan was finally able to see where he was going wrong in his health journey. It was never ONE specific thing, rather, it was several things all teaming up with each other to destroy his mental and physical health.


Any good system should be able to produce replicable results,

and that's what Evan found. Originally, Evan was only trying to heal

his own health challenges. However, after seeing the results he did,

he wondered if those same outcomes could be consistently generated

for others. Thankfully, that was precisely the case


Evan now helps driven, anxious/depressed people get validation and

guidance on how to get their mental stability and social lives back.

He knows what it's like to have your entire world ruled by health challenges,

so he has dedicated himself to helping serve others in this area. 

Evan's health coaching programs are designed to give you a variety of

choices based upon your unique health and budget needs. Wherever you are

at in your journey, you can know that support is available. He does not want 

anyone to feel as if natural health services are inaccessible to them, so for that

reason, program customization AND payment plans are available. 

Success leaves clues...


Health Jumpstart

Are you just getting started in the world of natural healing? Are you dealing with health challenges that aren't necessarily debilitating, but you sure as heck would rather NOT have them? If you answered yes to these questions, than this is the program for you!

You and Evan will work together over the course of 7 coaching sessions and approximately 3 months. During this time, Evan will help you implement simple, science-backed methods that can help you restore your health naturally (the same ones that he used for himself). You may choose to add on any labs you and Evan see fit.


Ok, you've been doing this "health thing" for at least some period of time now. Making dietary or lifestyle changes to support your health isn't necessarily a new concept to you, but you don't have a PhD in it, either. Chances are, you also have one or more chronic mental or physical symptoms that impact your life on a regular basis. 

If this sounds familiar, this is the program for you. Evan and you will work together over the course of 12 coaching sessions (a bonus one is also included) and approximately 6 months. This package includes everything in the jumpstart PLUS multiple lab tests.

Total Health Reset

This program is the real deal. It is for those people out there who reached the same point that Evan did. That is, you're at the point where you are no longer just interested in functional medicine, but are truly and fully committed to making it a lifestyle. You've likely been sick for a long, long time, and enough is enough.

Evan and you will work together over the course of 18 coaching sessions (a bonus one is also included) and approximately 9 months. This package includes everything in the course-corrector plus TWO additional labs, as well as coverage for the first round of supplements that may be needed.