Meet Health Coach Ev

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Evan had what he calls a "nearly perfect life" growing up. He grew up in the suburbs of beautiful Bucks County, Pa, and attended Central Bucks School District. In addition, he had great relationships with family and friends, and excelled in academics, scoring some of the highest scores in the district on state standardized tests. If you looked at his environment, it just wasn't the picture you'd expect to see of someone suffering with mental health issues. 

Evan had a secret, and that secret was his mental health problems. Starting as young as five years old, Evan was experiencing full-blown panic attacks. His parents and family doctor were left with confusion about his symptoms, and as a result, these issues were unintentionally forgotten about. 

As time went on, his mental health issues progressed. Evan was embarrassed of what he was experiencing, so he did his best to hide his problems from friends and family (at least, whenever possible). The more he hid, the worse the problems got, and the worse the problems got, the more he tried to hide them. Eventually, Evan even used drugs and alcohol to try to cope with what he was dealing with. It was a bad cycle that he would not be able to maintain forever.

During his senior year of high school, everything would change. While trying to stop abusing drugs on a daily basis, Evan "snapped" and got himself involved in an altercation that would result in him being arrested, kicked out of school, and spending his 18th birthday on house arrest. He still wouldn't admit it, but his actions made it clear to everyone around him that he was not doing well. The only person he was lying to was himself.

A few months later, Evan would have what he calls his "aha" moment. This was the moment he gained a new perspective on his situation, realizing that if he never took the first initiative, things were never going to get better. 

Over the next several years following this decision, Evan would finally discover a resolution to his mental health issues (and his physical health issues, too)! He learned about how our modern lifestyles are greatly affecting our bodies and minds, and this is especially true for our youth. He would end up getting multiple certifications in functional and natural healthcare, and still expands on his education to this day.