Evan Transue, a.k.a. "Health Coach Ev," FDN-P, IINHC 

Functional Health Coach. Author. Speaker. Radio Broadcaster on

WWDB 860 AM.

Meet Health Coach Ev

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Health Coach

Evan dealt with multiple different mental and physical health issues for the majority of his childhood and teenage years. These issues included panic disorder, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, severe cystic acne, GERD, chronic headaches, malabsorption issues, and more. 

After "accidentally" realizing that his chronic health issues were likely caused by the toxic nature of our  modern world, he dove deep into the world of functional and natural healthcare.


Today, Evan is fortunate enough to be able to say that his health is 95% restored, and he feels better than he ever had before. He now speaks to students and organizations, sharing his story of healing, all while encouraging people suffering in silence to ask for help. Evan believes that "We can't find our path of healing if we don't take the first step." 


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Some of the things Evan's coaching programs help people with...

Supporting Their Digestive System

Skin Problems

Treatment-Resistant Mental Health Challenges

Set and Achieve Health Goals

Discovering the Foods They're Sensitive To

Steep Mountains

You have one shot at this life. Don't spend one more day living it in a state of illness.

“Evan changed my life with his programs! I have literally never felt better. I have no heart issues, and have only had one blood sugar issue because I strayed away from my plan. I feel amazing!!!”

- Ben Torres, DPT

“Evan has helped me heal to the point that my medication (SNRI) was no longer serving me, but was actually causing unwanted symptoms!”

- Amanda F.

"Evan is AWESOME. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their physical and mental wellbeing."

- Kelly W.


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